The Loss Of Marine Life

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It is possible that in our lifetime many marine life forms will be on the verge of extinction or placed on the extinct animals list. This loss of marine life will be placed mainly because of the actions of human advancements and achievements using fossil fuels as energy.. With the loss of these micro organisms large animals will not have enough food to survive. This would create problems in our social and economic life. As humans we rely on the oceans for almost everything. Much of our food , clothing, cleaning products and cosmetics come from the watery ocean. However with loss of these small creatures our financial background could crumble.

The ocean contains traces of thousands of marine species of different shapes and sizes, from the smallest of phytoplankton to the largest of the blue whale.These amazing creatures are all unique due to many aspects such their color, texture,and behavior. Biodiversity is the different species that live on our planet. The term refers to how many diverse animals develop communities and how they interact with one another. An example is how sea anemones protect clown fish. The clownfish attract other fish into the trap of the venomous anemones giving it a meal while, anemones protect clownfish. This is an example of how marine life can cooperate with one another. However; life in the ocean may be on the verge of change due primarily to excess carbon dioxide occurring in the atmosphere.

Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that we exhale…
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