The Lost Children in the Book Frankstein Essay

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Millions of kids are orphaned and homeless across the nation. Many of them never see adulthood. All too often they are abused, beaten, sold, put aside, or worse. So when an orphan has the strength of 10 men, the size of an NBA center, and all the reason in the world to go after the person who orphaned him/her, why wouldn’t he/she? This nightmare of an orphan is the monster from Frankenstein. And he documents many of the thoughts and psychological struggles of the millions of orphans today. The monster struggles with any kind of social activity and ostracizes himself from any and all human contact to avoid the pains he suffered from previous encounters. Orphans who have been beaten and abused use this same mal-adaptive coping mechanism to …show more content…

When the monster is abandoned by Victor, he is hurt and wondering why nobody can stand the sight of him. He, like every other living person on this planet, needs to have some sort of relationship with another human-being. This is a very troubling form of abuse that is very commonly known as neglect. Every person needs to have human contact, and when they are deprived of that necessity, it causes permanent brain damage and can even be fatal. In the monster’s case, it could even be argued that neglect is the reason he turned murderous. Although neglect is the major reason that orphans are disadvantaged, stigmatisms only add to the difficulties. In most places around the world, orphans are seen only as troublemakers and hopeless members of society who are susceptible to manipulation. The monster is seen by everyone he crosses to be a dangerous and scary thing and thus no one is willing to help him or get to know him. If one single person had made the decision to go out of their way to help the monster, so many awful things could have been avoided. With the situation in many poor countries, orphans are avoided or abused in much the same way. People cross by them every day and never give a care for them. In the monster’s case, he runs away from all contact with the exception of Victor, but these kids do whatever they can to be accepted. Child abuse and orphaned children are extreme problems in today’s society.

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