Point Of View In The Lottery By Shirley Jackson

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The Lottery Point of View
Shirley Jackson’s choice of point of view in “The Lottery” is that of being told in the third person. The story is told more by an observer’s point of view rather than that of a participant. In “The Lottery” she illustrates how what is being done to the family members, of people in the village, is an act of pointless bloodshed. It isn’t clear as to why they carry on with the ancient rite but what is clear is that the people in the village are obedient to the past law and are unwilling to see the whole thing for what it is, senseless killing. Jackson’s third person view is crucial to the plot of the story because it allows the illumination of the fact that the villagers, led by Mr. Summers who had assumed the …show more content…

Their moral alarm fails to go off and pointless violence is accepted. In “The Lottery” the people grew knowing nothing else, like the young boys in the village who collect the stones for the killing, it’s the only thing they know. For those reasons, they don’t see what is so wrong with what is going on. From the third person’s view we can watch the

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