The Love Of My Life

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January 1, 2013 is the day my life changed. I'm from a small town in Florida where everybody knew everybody and everybody else's business. I knew everybody’s car, house, address, and about every phone number. It was safe to say that for the first thirteen years of my life, I travelled nowhere and didn't see anybody but the everyday faces in this town. I learned to love this town mostly because I was comfortable. I didn't have to worry about not knowing where I was going or not knowing people. It was simple. It was my small town. On January 1, 2013, my dad woke my two brothers and I up for our what seemed daily talks. He sat us down in our family room and said “Do y’all want to move to Mexico?” Our family room had never been so quiet not only because who the hell just asks that but we knew he was serious. Being thirteen, I jumped up and said “absolutely!”. My younger brother, who was 11, also said “why not?”. But my older brother, who was 15, turned my dad’s idea down quick mostly because he was dating “the love of his life” at the time. Through much convincing and debating, we moved to Cancun, Mexico on March 1, 2013. The first three weeks living there I felt like I was on a long vacation, a vacation that started lasting a little too long. By March 30, I wanted to move back. I missed my friends, my hometown, my nanna, the 20 acres I used to live on, American food and drinks, and just plain Americans! I was so tired of trying to translate Spanish to English! I was enrolled

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