The Magic Of Magic In Snow White And The Fairy Tale

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Snow White and the Magic Within There is no doubt that magic is present in the Snow White fairytale by the Brothers Grimm; in fact, magic remains pretty common through fairytales as a whole. But there may be more magic then originally meets the eye. Some aspects are very easy to pick out either because they are blatantly called magic or they are events or actions that defy physics or common logic. This being said, some magical acts especially within Snow White are not so easily spotted. Most people know the mirror and the apple were magic, and in the Disney version the true loves kiss was magic, but Snow White herself seems to contain magical characteristics either by birth that appear to grow along with her which allow her to save …show more content…

Though this could be explained away by luck or coincidence seems magical since most cannot simply request a child possess specific features. Then when the dear child is seven years old she begins to outshine the beauty of her stepmother who employs a hunter to kill the child. This huntsman though reluctant almost kills the young girl until she speaks; overcome by her beauty and innocence the huntsman cannot kill her and lets her escape (84). This again could be explained away as him simply having a soft spot for the beautiful child. Next she meets the seven dwarfs whose house she invades, whose food she steals, and whose beds she uninvited sleeps in, yet after seeing her face they invite to live with and by supported by them in exchange for some simple housework (85). Finally, after being poisoned by an apple and lane to rest in a glass coffin, Snow White is spotted by a traveling prince who is so enchanted by her beauty that he convinces the dwarfs to let him take her with him so that he might look upon her face always. And when the apple is jostled from her throat he professes his love to a girl he has only ever seen (89). Not only is her birth enchanted but her beauty appears to be as well. The older she gets the more people follow and obey her simply by looking at her. She enchants them. Her beauty is so magical that she, maybe unintentionally, controls the actions of those around her. This means that she not only saves herself from the

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