The Main Cause Of The American Civil War

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The one main cause of the American Civil war must be resolved, and while there are many ideas, history reveals that there was only one. There are many arguable motives to the start of the Civil War, but there are four main concepts. These four concepts were slavery, taxation, the election of Abraham Lincoln and lastly, struggling with power between the Northern and Southern states.
To start with, the end of slavery is undoubtedly one of the most popular arguments to the creation of the Civil War. While many consider slavery as the cause of the Civil War, they are mistaken (Historynet). To support this statement, the facts simply are that slavery has been in our country ever since its formation. If slavery was the single cause of the Civil War, that war would have begun long before it truly started in 1861. While the people saw slavery as a great evil, they did not in fact go to war because of it (Historynet). Also great disputes with slavery, that were big enough to start a war, did not appear until it had ended.
The ending of slavery infuriated the Southern states. The North wanted to tax the South because they were becoming more profitable on cotton (Historynet). Slavery was not the issue, as slaves fought IN the civil war for both the North and the South. Southern states saw the ending of slavery as the North seizing dominant power and overriding the union (Historynet). Southern states thought the North had no right to do this, and by doing so, Northern states were…
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