The Main Effects Of Poverty In Developed Countries

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Poverty can be defined as the state of being inferior in quality or insufficient in amount. This is a very serious issue that needs to be addressed or it will only get worse. A family where money is not a problem or are well off might think that someone in poverty means they cannot afford items such as clothes or a car, but that notion could not be more wrong. Poverty is being unable to keep clothes on one’s back and struggling to find food to get through the day. The average citizen of a first-world country might think that poverty is not affecting them or not important, but in reality, poverty is a serious problem leading to crime, affecting the development of children and education in less-developed countries.
One of the biggest effects of poverty in less-developed countries in the drastic increase in crime. Direct relationships are evident with the amount of crime in areas in the world where poverty is existent. In the minds of people dealing with extreme poverty, the item wanted or reward outweighs the risk of being caught. With no money and the constant struggle for food and clothes, people resort to robbery or theft to get what is essential in surviving even if that enhances the risk of illegal activities. With poverty, comes a lack of jobs and increased rate of unemployment resulting in people coming to a last resort, drugs. The selling and use of drugs is a way of making some money while the rest of the country is suffering with poverty. Drugs becoming more

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