The Main Figures Of William Jennings Bryan And John Scopes

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The Scopes Trial was a very controversial trial that put religious beliefs against scientific beliefs. The main figures were William Jennings Bryan and John Scopes. Bryan was a Presbyterian, he was born in Illinois and later became a Nebraska congressman in 1890. John Scopes was arrested for teaching the evolution in school. The Scopes Trial had a major impact on America in 1925, making it illegal to teach about the evolution of life in school.
Before William Bryan became a congressman, he practiced law in Jacksonville in 1883-1887 before moving to Lincoln, Nebraska, where he was elected to the U.S. Congress in 1890. Bryan was a presidential candidate three times and leader for the prosecution. Defeated for the U.S. Senate in 1894, he spent the next two years as editor of the Omaha World-Herald and as a popular public lecturer (William Jennings Bryan). At a Democratic convention in Chicago on July 8, his famous speech “Cross of Gold” won him the nomination at the age of 36. During the Spanish-American war, Bryan served as a colonel in a Nebraska regiment. During the campaign, Bryan became the first candidate to seek voter support. In recognition of his role in securing the Democratic nomination for Woodrow Wilson in 1912, Bryan was appointed secretary of state the following year.
William Jennings was a Presbyterian, Presbyterians began with the French lawyer John Calvin. Presbyterians believe they have been chosen by God’s grace. However, this election is not primarily

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