The Main Reason For Runaway And Homeless Youth Essay

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The main reason for runaway and homeless youth in the U.S. is because of the lack of freedom within their homes. Runaway youth are usually teenagers and are perfectly capable of thinking rationally about short term and long term effects of their decision to leave home. Therefore, runaway youth leave their homes and lead a successful life out in the real world. Agencies like WaveC.R.E.S.T enable teens to think running away is fine. “Thousands of children, dirty, malnourished and alone, boarded the Orphan Trains near the turn of the 20th Century, desperately hoping to find families. Under the leadership of Reverend D.W. Comstock, Children 's Home Society of Florida was established in Jacksonville on November 17, 1902. With a staff of two, we found homes for 21 children our initial year, operating with a budget of $400. Less than a decade later, Marcus “Daddy” Fagg became State Superintendent, guiding us toward our unwavering leadership in the child welfare arena.” (Children’s Home Society) “Public welfare was nonexistent and few laws protected children, spurring a national movement triggered by the constant stream of orphans traveling the tracks. On a quest to find families for homeless, neglected children, the movement ventured to Florida in the early 1900s, counting on support from the wealthy. But the year before, fires destroyed much of Jacksonville, eliminating potential philanthropic dollars. The lack of funds didn’t change reality: Florida needed a

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