The Main Role As Part Of The Constitution

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Despite the fact that definition and nature of conventions is uncertain it is obvious that they have a significant role as part of UK constitution. To understand how conventions are sufficient as a sources of the constitution it is necessary to discuss their nature first, then continue with analysis on how they operate from a wider prospective and finally, emphasize their strengths and weaknesses. Constitutional convention is an informal agreement which is not signed or codified by any authority and that is agreed upon and followed by many organizations. Likewise, conventions are considered to be changing gradually as time goes by but sometimes they are developed instantly. The example of long-run convention may be that relating to individual ministerial responsibility which changed its scope as government developed. In contrast, convention stating that the money bill passed by the Commons is not likely to be canceled by Lords was controversy and short-run. Constitutional conventions come up when there is a freedom to exercise a certain power that is not denied by the law. This arouses opposition which excludes possibility to have unlimited freedom on future grounds in certain matters. As a prove, in the UK there is a constitutional convention that the PM cannot stay in office when he does not have majority votes in the House of Commons originated from an attempt to the PM to rule without a majority votes support from the House in the year of 1834. This was met by a great
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