The Main Theme in the Ilyad: Anger Essay

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The main idea of the Iliad is written in the first line, as Homer asks the Muse to sing of the "wrath of Achilles." The main theme in the Ilyad is anger – the vice which is not included into Homer's ideal, which leads to impulsive decisions and alienation from the society, but its abscence brings good consequences.

Homer is trying to teach his people that anger can lead to rush and impulsive decisions. It is well presented when Paris stole Helen from Agamemnon, which action provoked his wrath and start of the Trojan war. Thousands of Greeks died during that war which was triggered by Agamemnon’s anger. In the Iliad Homer gives a good example of a bad king. Of a king who impulsively started the most murderous ancient war because of …show more content…

As a result of his inner conflict, his alienation from his society, and his inability to solve this conflict, Achilles sends his companion Patroklos into battle. Patroklos even wears the armor of the great warrior, so that the Trojan will think that he is Achilles who returned to battle. Patroklos is killed, and the anger of Achilles is growing. Also, now he bears responsibility for the death of his friend. At this point, Achilles has the even greater wrath that results into death of Hektor and almost takes Achilles beyond the bounds of humanity. He is on his way of complete alienation from human feelings. So, anger is also the vice, which can lead to alienation from the society.

But on the other hand, Homer wants to show that the abscence of anger can lead to good actions and help to make right decisions. It is well presented when after the reconciliation Achilles becomes more then just a warrior hero. His wrath consists of two waves. First, is his withdrawal from the battle because of the conflict with Agamemnon ends when he finally accepts his offer and reaches agreement about Briseis. Second Achilles' wave of anger is about the death of Patroklos, which ends when he returns the body of a dead Hector to Priam. In both examples the wrath of Achilles alianated him from others. In the firt case he was alienated from his warriors. And from everybody in the second case. In each case, his reconciliation helps him to get back to the society. If

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