Theme Of Violence In The Iliad

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Endless Cycle
(A Discussion on Scenes of Violence in the Iliad and Their Effect on the Text as a Whole)

Children taunting each other on the playground. A fast paced action adventure movie. A family crossing the street when a person of color walks by. They can be found everywhere within society, and yet rarely are recognized for what they truly are; scenes of violence. The children are using linguistic violence. The movie shows physical violence. The person of color endures societal violence. From the time a person is born to the time they die, they are subjected everyday to violence, even if it comes in forms that we do not immediately recognize as being violent in nature. It is possible that this complacency with violence exists because it can also be found in Western Cultures’ most treasured works, specifically those that are accredited for shaping the view of society as the world knows it. In Homer’s masterful work of The Iliad, the reader is confronted with all sorts of violence on many different occasion;, however, a few specific ones contribute more than the rest to the overall themes of the text. Rage. The very first word of The Iliad brings with it a sense of violence in itself. When one hears the word ‘rage’, the following thought is one of aggression, of anger, of almost animalistic hatred. Yes, hatred, for one cannot have rage without it. The opening scene has the ironic hero- ironic in the sense that most would not classify him as a hero in the

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