The Major Causes Of Natural Disasters

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Dominic Guido Natural disasters not only affect individual people in the area where it hit but they are able to affect the entire country from an economic standpoint. Other than the loss of lives, schools, and businesses which is the most obvious type of damage that we think of, most people rarely see the whole picture. One of the biggest problems caused by natural disasters is the disruption of the business world. This comes from damage to roadways and infrastructure. These cause major delays in production. It makes it harder to commute and communicate across the business world. The cost of the damage can be measured by several factors and also the type of natural disaster. One key factor that has an impact is the magnitude and duration of the event. Disasters that hit more populated areas have a stronger influence of hurting the national economy than if a disaster hits a less densely populated area. Changes in the peoples wealth can be affected due to damage to houses, buildings, structures, crops and forests. There are two types of losses when a natural disaster occurs. Direct losses and indirect losses. Some examples of direct losses could be homes, schools, and businesses. Examples of indirect losses would be all the components affected as the aftermath of the storm such as commuter disruptions, local tax revenues. There is a wide variety of natural disasters that occur including earthquakes, tornadoes, typhoons, hurricanes, and floods. Natural disasters of all kinds
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