The Major Causes Of The Russian Revolution Of 1917 And 1905

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The Russian revolution of 1917 and 1905 remain to be very significant historical events. I say this because revolutions are very rare events in history. The Russian revolutions were milestones in Russias history, as these events changed the political system of the country. The change of political governments was very meaningful as the autocracy caused a majority of the Russian population to be oppressed. Through the revolution, the citizens of Russia were able to change the government's autocratic ways and enforce new socialist policies, using the teachings of Karl Marx. The poor quality of life that the majority of Russian citizens experienced was ignored by Russia's autocratic government. The poor working conditions, poor living conditions and the wage gap between the nobles and peasants was also swept under the rug. With the additional loss to Japan in the Russo-Japanese war, the Russian people's hostility towards the government grew. Leading to the protests of…show more content…
“It is common to see 10 or more persons living in one room and four sleeping in one bed.” (Brooman 7) In addition to that “Although the nobles were only 1 percent of the Russian population, they owned around 25 percent of all the land.” (Brooman 7) The Russian hierarchy of the 1900's saw the peasants at the bottom of the hierarchy. Although they were a majority of the population, they were seen as unequal and only fit for slaves. Because the nobles also acted as advisor to the Tsar, they were deemed more important towards the country. This resulted in social outrage and people wanting political change as the socialist revolutionary party believe the land should be taken from the nobles and the churches and given to the peasants. With the hope for change ever decreasing, people demanded the system of autocracy be reformed, forcing them to take actions into their own
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