The Major Factors to the Romam Empire Falling Essay

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For more than two thousand years, Rome was a large, powerful, and dominating empire. The ancient kingdom seemed unstoppable, but in just few centuries later, Roman power fell and was obliterated. No one knows exactly how the empire's demise came to be and is still debated today but there are some major factors recognized that caused Rome to fall. The land of barbarians were located beyond the western border of Rome along Rhine and Danube rivers and would slowly become a serious threat to Rome and eventually led to the fall of the empire. At first, they posed no danger as they were only German farmers that were nomadic because of their poor agricultural skills. The barbarians could not develop a political structure either so they were …show more content…

In the end, the emperors and rebels died at the hands of their own associates. To gain more security, large provinces were split into smaller regions to minimize military power to any one official so one administrator doesn't have significantly more power than another. As provinces continue to be broken up, the army for each area became so small they could not even protect the locals from raids and criminals. A successful usurper named Constantine changed the composition of the Roman army and crippled the empire's central government by abandoning Rome as a capital, along with other emperors, with slow, ineffective communication between the officials and uncertainty at the court which made it hard to operate the government. He tried to avoid conflict and did nothing to solve the difficult situations. The army was also affected as they relied on the state politicians to provide materials, men, and finances for war but the officials could not with the ongoing problems at the government. Wherever the emperors traveled, the army moved along with them and only protected where the rulers were which left other areas defenseless. The once 5,000 soldiers per legion decreased to prevent the rebels gaining a large army which continued to force Rome's armed force to hire and rely on barbarians to protect the Rhine and Danube frontiers. By the middle of the fourth

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