The Major Literary Forms Of The New Testament

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1. The major literary forms (genres) contained in the New Testament. Literary forms and style consist of different kinds of writing determined by their literary style, context, voice, and purpose (how the author wants to reader to be affected)--ex: psalms, historical books, letters, gospels, and the stories Jesus said to the people. These forms of writing consist of different types of books, which involves apocalyptic (uses dramatic symbols to give hope to those in a crisis), advice, genealogies, and prayers. The gospel stems from a Greek word meaning "good news" that describes the scriptures delivered by the ministry the early Christians concerning the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ (1 Cor. 15:1-8). Also, the genres are …show more content…

However, this book was written before the destruction of the Jewish temple because in Matt. 24-25 he predicted the temple destruction. Matthew was the son of Alphaeus he was a Jew who had become a tax collector for the Roman Government. The citizens disliked tax collectors during this time frame, so this could be seen as a motivator to follow Christ since others within the community did not care for him. (Located in Matt. 9:9-13) One may feel this is why Matthew answered Jesus call so quickly and to commit to his discipleship. Many other tax collectors join the banquet that Matthew was hosting for Jesus to preach publicly to the sinners. However, Matthew’s purpose in listing his works first was in illustrate Jesus fulfillment of the prophecies of the Messiah the coming of the King!
3. The evidence of diversity in the early Christian community, some people believed that the churches begin with Adam or Abraham. Various spectators feel that the Christian community begins with the ministry of John the Baptist. They base their rationale on the fact that their evidence can be traced back to the baptism, therefore validating their logical reasoning. While others believe the churches begin with the ministry of Jesus Christ due to him calling his Apostle together. The word church originated from the term to call out. So these individuals justify their claim by saying it is the acceptance of a group, which started on

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