The Major Sports at Mandelbaum are Baseball, Basketball, and Football

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As we moved on history, depending on the period of time that we find ourselves in, a particular sport would be important as people relate their lives into it. Mandelbaum focus on three different sports and three different time periods, to show us their relationship. He states that, sports come to play an important role in our lives as we are able relate and find a significance that represent and fits our lives. This is the explanation Mandelbaum reaches when we tries to explain why Americans had become ardent fans of sports. The three major American sports that Mandelbaum focus on are baseball, football and basketball. This sports had been chosen for America because they embody three major stages in American culture. Baseball represents the agrarian period, football the industrial revolution and basketball the new innovative and modern society.

Mandelbaum dedicates a complete chapter for each of the three sports. In each chapter he explains the history, rules and culture as references to demonstrate the importance of each sport to the past as well as the message they give to their fans. By analyzing the period time and the history of each game, he correlates even that help us demonstrate the importance each game had in their corresponding period. As well as the idea of merit, in where everyone is equal. By showing us how people became attractive to a particular sport, Mandelbaum’s ideas were becoming clearer. People will be attractive to a sport when they find something
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