The Mall in America Essay

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THE MALL IN AMERICA Whenever we go out shopping or relaxing at malls, we actually don’t see or recognize any effects of malls as we mostly go there for these two reasons. Malls are an integral part in the lives of America. They are shopping centers that have created a lot of buzz in many writers. This is because we have more malls in America than high schools. Malls have received praises from people like James J. Farrell, Jon Pahl and George Lewis who view malls as not only shopping centers but also as places that provide a reflection of the American culture and serve as centers of pleasure and entertainment. In contrast, William Kowinski and David Gutterson criticize malls for just being an artificial environment that creates…show more content…
and reoriented”. (2003, P. 295). He shows how the use of these symbols creates a form of refuge for people since they feel close to nature. This offers sensual and aesthetic pleasures to mall visitor. He points out to old people who frequent malls to exercise and socialize, something they find difficult in the uncivil society they live in. James J Farrell also acknowledges that the security at malls brings a sense of self and brings about a set of social relationships. (2003). These writers bring into focus the different aspects of malls that offer a ground for people to socialize and relax and enjoy. They point out to the fact that malls are centers of entertainment for mall visitors. Those who appreciate malls also argue that they serve as a cultural reflection of the American population. Farrell (2003) argues that, “[the mall] is more American than Apple pie.”(p. 271). He argues that malls have become an identity symbol for the Americans. He argues that for one to study the American culture, he only needs to visit a mall. Jon Pahl (2003) notes that malls usually target women because of their love for admiration and beauty (p. 297). Despite the fact that most American men don’t like going into malls, they usually fall victims because they are also subject to groom themselves. George Lewis also acknowledges that malls bring out the central concept of the American shopping experience because they act as civic centers. By studying the shopping trends and myths that
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