The Manhattan Project: The Creation Of The Atomic Bomb

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What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the Manhattan Project? Many think of the atomic bombs creation and Albert Einstein, but the project was more than that. There were many brilliant minds being put together to create this weapon of mass destruction. It was only a matter of time before the Atomic Bombs was created so the United States and our Allies pushed to produce it before any enemy. Creating this monster would push this world into the Nuclear Age. Many people know the outcome of the Manhattan Project but don't know the details of the people involved, the research needed, the chemical separation process, the secrecy of the project and the aftermath of the atomic bombs.
"Early in 1939, the world's scientific community discovered that German physicists had learned the secrets of splitting a uranium atom. Fears soon spread over the possibility of Nazi scientists utilizing that energy to produce a bomb capable of unspeakable destruction." ( This discovery pushed our nuclear programs into high gear and pushed us into the nuclear age. Many scientists were needed to make this project happen so the U.S. used Albert Einstein and Enrico Fermi. Other brilliant minds …show more content…

"The history of the Manhattan Project remained classified for many years. In fact, it was so secret that Harry S. Truman, although vice president of the United States at that time, was not made aware of its existence until after the death of Roosevelt in 1945." ( This project needed to have the highest security possible and kept away from anyone who may use this technology against us. "Although the Axis powers remained unaware of the efforts at Los Alamos, American leaders later learned that a Soviet spy named Klaus Fuchs had penetrated the inner circle of scientists."

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