The Manifest Destiny Of America

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The Manifest Destiny was the name given to the Anglo-American (white) expansion into the West. The Manifest Destiny was based on an idea that white Americans were superior people who believed in God. Americans were to populate North America “sea to shining sea” and spread the religion of Christianity. The Manifest Destiny displayed American’s confidence. Americans moved west for more land, the Manifest Destiny also uplifted American’s freedom and democracy. And it encouraged independence. The United States used the Manifest Destiny to start a war with Mexico from1846 until 1848. The Manifest Destiny communicated American claims to western lands, at once highlighting the nation’s superiority and offering a solution to national anxieties. Ironically, the new territories exacerbated sectional divisions and caused the civil war (Bailey et al., 2015, p 319, and Hardesty 2015). Texas joined the United States in December of 1845 as the Republic of Texas. Texas was seeking more land from Mexico, as Mexico thought it was their land. Mexico threatens war, but does nothing. In the North, the British and The United States were at odds over Oregon‘s territory. Britain’s wanted the territory to be the forty-second parallel, Unites States wanted latitude fifty-four forty. Expansionist’s demanded parallel fifty-four forty and were willing to fight a third war with Britain. The slogan “fifty-four forty or fight” became the rally cry. Americans gained access to Oregon through…

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