The Manipulation Of Human Biology

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The manipulation of human biology has always been a controversial issues. To many, purposefully changing the genetics of mankind is reminiscent of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World and even the eugenics of Nazi Germany. However, genetic manipulation offers an unignorable potential to help many people live lives with fewer serious health issues. These two opposing viewpoints are why genetic manipulation, like the creation of designer babies, is so heated. According to “Introduction,” Designer babies are “...children whose genetic characteristics have been artificially selected or modified to ensure specific intellectual and cosmetic characteristics.” The creation of designer babies is done through a process called preimplantation genetic …show more content…

Less radical opponents of genetic manipulation also believe that having complete control of the physical attributes of offspring can ruin the special characteristic that makes humans, human. Francis Fukuyama believes that unregulated scientific discoveries in biotechnology, and by extension designer babies, are undermining the capitalistic values of the world. Fukuyama came to the conclusion that altering human biology will alter human values. (Malik, “Concerns”). According to Malik, Fukuyama declared that biotechnology can take away the base of human moral sense. Many common people believe that PGD and other genetic manipulation can lead to abuses of unborn children. For example, Nadya Suleman was the subject of public outcry when she gave birth to octuplets through in vitro fertilization, another method of genetic manipulation. To summarize, opponents to genetic manipulation and designer babies believe that changing the genes of children is unnatural and can take away the species’s human nature. Despite the fears that some have over genetic manipulation, many parents and health experts believe that designer babies are an excellent way to overcome the faults of human biology. When only health-related traits are concerned, the majority of Americans agree with the use of PGD (“Introduction”). PGD does have significant impact for parents with a family history of genetic conditions

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