The Maple Gram, Inc.: A Short Story

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Sarah is an ex-spy, she quit when everything got taken away from her. Sarah’s house was blown up, her dog was taken, and her little brother was kidnapped and still not found. She has also woken up with a few broken ribs in the hospital. Sarah’s spy name was Stretch because she has the ability to become like elastic. Now she works at a magazine and news company. Where everyone wears pantsuits, also there’s a new rumor going around every day. But, she doesn’t go out chasing stories, reveling bad guys. Instead Sarah gets everyone’s coffee. She works at an unappreciative, unreliable, under paid company for chumps, The Maple Gram News for You. For short Maple Gram Inc. the number one rule was no crying. Sarah is at work when she has a very suspicious …show more content…

Unable to wipe the tear because of the metal bars. A female robot voice turns on “beep electric floor on.” They all get a startled look on their faces. Carrie Sarah’s mom says “All you need to do is stretch your arms through the holes hold on to that pool and pull yourself out. Then press the red button outside the door to engage the electric floor.” When she does that she starts to thin at the waste and then at the legs as she squeezes through the bars. Sarah swings from pool to pool pulling on each one before she holds onto it. One pool is extremely slippery first finger… second finger until she gets to the last finger she stretches farther and farther almost hitting the floor. She slips then the unknown blue eyed man swoops in and saves her. He outside the electric floor she presses the glowing red button still in his arms. The robot women’s voice says “Electric Floor disabled.” They sit there gazing into each other’s light blue eyes. They hear the robots voice again “Floor cooled.” Sarah tells the unnamed man “You can set me down no oh and what’s your name ,” hoping he wouldn’t put her down. He completely ignores her accept for “My name is Kevin.” John Sarah’s dad begins to have a discouraged look on his face. Carrie speaks up “HELLO!” Sarah says remembering “oh yeah of course,” still dazed. She slowly walks over there like there were hearts in her eyes and unlocks her parents. They start running through rooms looking for a way out. While their running Sarah gets a phone call “making my way down town, beep,” she answers the phone blushing with embarrassment. Maple Gram is calling “He…” Maple cuts her off. Sternly Maple says “I’ve been asking for my iced coffee for 5 minutes, your fired,” then the line goes dead. Kevin asked concerned “Are you alright?” Sarah says with a tear in her eye “Yeah it’s not like I’ve

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