The Margins Of Life : Not So Marginal After All

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Zhong Wang
Rob d’Annibale
English Writing 004 015
October 13, 2015 The Margins of Life: Not So Marginal After All
The world changes faster now than ever. At the same time, in general, when people grow into their adult selves, the world progresses at even a faster rate, due to the way that adults live and experience life. As such, there is a need to express what it is like to live in such a world, while being a certain age. Ian Frazier 's "In Praise of Margins" wonderfully illustrates what it means to be a child - who is so carefree and can play without reason or aim - as well as an adult, who must always find meaning and reason in their actions, even if it means at the cost of truly enjoying life, and thus question why humans live in the way that they do. Of course, I’m on his side.
Firstly, Ian Frazier begins his short story with telling the tale of his youth, namely his experiences with his young friends, who would go into the woods for no particular reason, other than to have fun. This was such a common occurrence, in fact, that it had become known as going "out into the woods"(para. 1). When I was a primary school student, five of my best friends and I came to a small garden after school every day. We had played balls, been free to talk, ran or lied on the grass. We were back home only someone’s parents came to catch us. We have spent four years like this, day after day, year after year. So I could say I totally understood what Frazier’s feeling was when he was in “the

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