The Marine Capture Of Haiti : 1915-1934 Essay

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The Marine Capture of Haiti: 1915-1934 The Oxford Dictionary of the word subjugate is “Bring under domination or control, especially by conquest” which is exactly what the United States did to Haiti between the years of 1915-1934 (Oxford Dictionary). The United States invaded Haiti in July 1915, which following that the U.S military held them under occupation for two decades. This occupation caused widespread anarchy, an increase in violence and danger to the native’s land and lively hood. The injustices seen in Haiti during this time were not completely understood by the African Americans’ in America. But once the Haitian controversy came to light in the public it there was action taken. Letters calling for action were sent to the President, the black press and the State Department. In the beginning when the Marines landed there was not much of an impression of what was going to happen but the capture of Haiti from 1915-1934 had long lasting impacts on the future of Haiti and its people. During this time of seizure, the U.S was looking to create a more politically stable Haiti and also wanting to create a more secure control over the country. They also wanted to establish themselves in the Caribbean. There also was a need to integrate Haiti into the international Capitalist economy. But during this control over 3,000 Haitians were killed. The Marines installed a puppet president, denied the people of Haiti the freedom of speech, forced a new constitution upon them, and
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