The Marine Corps Recruiting Office

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Prompt #4: Give an example of a time in your life when you have conformed to a group’s expectations or beliefs. Why do you think you did so? What would you consider to be some of the positive aspects and negative aspects of conformity for both the individual person and for the company, organization, and entity? The moment I strolled into the Marine Corps recruiting office was the first time I experienced conformity without any reluctance. Which turned out to be absolutely shocking since I spent my teen years doing the opposite of what was expected from me. I understood by joining the military, I would need to conform my expectations and beliefs in order to successfully enter and exit the Corps. I spent most of my time as a child and teenager being apart of a team. I enjoyed the culture and integrity that comes with being apart of a strong team (page. 193). After my first year in community college, I knew I needed to be part of a team and to do something bigger than myself. It was one of those abrupt random decisions I made one emotional day. On top of wanting to be part of a team, I had personal issues going on in my life that I felt like would disappear by joining the military. Would I have been less willing to comply if I did not have the personal challenges or skeletons to run from? Who knows? Before I made the final decision to join, I had set up multiple meetings with Marine Veterans of all different ages and rank to hear their honest experiences. Almost all of

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