The Martian, Director, Ridley Scott, And Music By Harry Gregson Williams Essay

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In the 2015 movie entitled The Martian, director, Ridley Scott, and music by Harry Gregson-Williams creates a commentary musical score and song choices to match the desolation and plot of the movie. The Martian, which is based upon an Andy Weir science fiction novel, tells the story of a stranded astronaut’s seemingly hopeless attempt at survival. While the movie resonates a depressing and hopeless tone based upon the situation, the musical choices of songs provide the much-needed comical relief. The music also reflects the literal meaning of the scene to emphasize the meaning of the plot. The choice in featured songs connect to the past major unfortunate historical space mishaps, the music foreshadows outcomes for Watney’s ultimate fate. During the SOL 31 space mission to Mars, Mark Watney separates from the space crew during a treacherous sand storm. The astronauts mistakenly presume the death of Watney. Out of options, the space crew unwillingly leaves Watney on Mars. However, Watney survives the storm and injuries, and chooses lone survival on Mars. Watney situation seems extremely desolate with no hope to return to life on earth. In the end, Watney beats the odds using the limited supplies from the space mission and his own willingness to problem solve. Even though Watney ultimately overcomes the challenges of survival, mishaps happen along the way. These setbacks bring out Watney’s true desire for survival. Setbacks and challenges add to the already perilous and

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