The Martyrdom Of The Christian Believers

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During the first three centuries after the martyrdom of Jesus, many of the Christian believers have suffered persecution to a great extent. Back in the days, these persecutions were meant to torment and prevent the spread of the faith but instead, it only gave rise to the wider spread of Christianity. Martyrdom strengthened Christianity through showing their people they willingly die for their belief.

One of the events that greatly influenced Christianity would be the martyrdom of apostle Peter in 64 CE. After the great fire in Rome, during the emperor Nero’s reign, Peter tried to flee from the city to escape from being persecuted and so to continue his missionary journey in another time. But as he was about to step out of the city, Jesus showed himself to Peter who questioned him why he was coming back to the city and is it to be persecuted again. Entering the city of Rome, Jesus said to him yes, he was willing to be persecuted once again [Myth of Persecution. p.134-135]. Herewith, he came to an awareness that he had to defy his fears and accept his imminent death. The moment he went back into the city; he was held captive by Roman soldiers and was condemned to die due to the charges made by King Agrippa II. Instead of being in misery, he returned to Rome “rejoicing and praising the Lord” [Myth of Persecution. p.134-135]. This would mean that he had witnessed the truth that Jesus Christ truly is the son of God. He was one of the first to show many of the believers and…
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