The Marxist Model Of Class Struggles

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The Marxist Model is thoroughly used throughout the duration of The Communist Manifesto to break down the complexity of the pamphlet into 3 parts. The 3 parts include history, economics, and social class; each collaboratively explaining the alienation of certain social classes and how class struggles arise.
Karl Marx presents the notion that history is inevitable and the idea of class struggles will always be present in society. Marx recounts the numerous times in society where social classes crashed and ended in a revolution. By understanding Marx’s premises, we can conclude that as long as there is capitalism, class struggles will always be prevalent.
In terms of economics, Karl Marx explains that the proletarians are constantly being …show more content…

Normally historical references are an effective way to draw the reader to a better understanding, but in terms of the Communist Manifesto, that would be dubbed inaccurate. Marx takes the time to compare those classes that evolved out of the Modern Industrial era to those within the feudal system. Provided, knowing that the feudal system was a system that occurred before the time of capitalism, the connection between the two wasn 't comprehensible nor was the overarching argument Marx was attempting to present to the reader. In addition, another method Marx used that was effective and lead to a broader understanding of the argument he was trying to unveil was his ability to critique the principles of other movements.

The Communist Manifesto is inevitably a difficult read for general intro level political science students. While being incredibly interesting and maintaining my attention cover to cover, its concepts, analogies and theories many times went over my head. I caught myself reviewing a paragraph 4 times over, simply to understand the gist of it. I conclude that The Communist Manifesto was written in a manner that would ultimately eliminate many from understanding the principles of communism. It was written at a high intellectual capacity, which will in essence deny those who are not educated from being knowledgeable on the ideology.
Furthermore, Karl Marx ability to state an argument in the most simplistic

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