The Master Of Suspense And Alfred Hitchcock

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Brian De Palma, Sam Raimi, George A. Romero, Dario Argento, William Friedkin, David Cronenberg, Quentin Tarantino, and Steven Spielberg all have two attributes in common; the tactful use of suspense and Alfred Hitchcock. Each person in the list above has, at one point, named Alfred Hitchcock as an influence for their works (IMDb). Hitchcock has been known as, “the master of suspense,” throughout his career and it shows, not only in the movies that he directed personally, but in the movies of the other directors and producers who aspire to compare to him. Hitchcock’s auteur, or reoccurring themes within movies that can be traced back to a director’s life and personality to identify parts of him within his own movies include themes such as: an icy blonde female character, personal disabilities and phobias of the main (male) lead, the use of sound studios rather than a natural setting, and a theme of “mommy issues” associated with the main character.
To further look into the auteur of Alfred Hitchcock we must focus on a couple of specific movies and we must know a little bit more about Hitchcock’s life. The movies, “Vertigo” and “Rear Window” are both the works of Hitchcock, and can both be evaluated in order to find some reoccurring themes associated with this “master of suspense.” Often, the first theme noticed about these movies is the dark plot and, you guessed it, suspense. In “Vertigo” the movie begins with a literal cliffhanger, the main character is left dangling off

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