The Mastermind Behind The Paris Attacks

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Brussels, Belgium is still on high alert following the Paris attacks on November 13. These attacks killed 130 people in total. Brussels is still under partial lockdown because of terrorist threats made against them. Their main target is the mastermind behind the Paris attacks, 26 year old Salah Abdeslam, but unfortunately they didn’t get him in the raids, and he’s still at large. They located him to Brussels by using a cell phone that was found in a garbage can that had a suicide vest inside in the suburbs of Paris. Including even more suicide bombers that were associated with the attacks. They restrained 21 different people in several locations throughout the city. These raids were performed mostly on Sunday and Monday. Multiple individuals were arrested in these raids.…show more content…
The vest was believed to be part of the Paris attacks because it contained Bolts, and TAPD, the same substance found in the suicide belts the terrorists used in the Paris attacks, the vest was found in a garbage can in the suburbs. An international arrest warrant was placed on Abdeslam for connections to the Paris attacks suspects in the Paris attacks. Questions are being raised about Salah Abdeslam, and other people are thinking he changed his mind at the last minute and decided to not go through with the attacks. 1 individual was charged by Belgium knowing that he was a part of the Paris
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