The Mayan Civilization

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The Mayan civilization was a bountiful society that flourished from around 300 BCE to 900 CE and, according to some, lasted for up to 3000 years. During the height of their civilization, the Maya built a prominent society and created many inventions, some of which are used today. They are well known for creating the first writing system called cuneiform, the concept of zero, calendars, mathematics, ball-courts, and the length of the solar year measured at about 365.242 days. Having first migrated to the lowlands of Mesoamerica, where soil was weak, the Maya used many intense agricultural methods such as slash-and burn, irrigation, and terracing to their advantage; they were able to produce plentiful amounts of crops and thrive in a lush grassy area. They traded numerous luxury goods with their neighbors in Mesoamerica such as cacao beans, rare animal hides, fine artwork and jewelry, jade, and even gold. Though they often fought with nearby Mayan cities, they had strong political and economic systems and a social hierarchy, kings and high priests being the most important. It would seem that the Maya didn’t have any real obstacles to their reign, and for a long time, they lived in prosperity and peace. However, near the beginning of the 8th century CE, a large wave of abandonment swept throughout the cities, starting from the southern regions and quickly moving upward. From this point on, these abandonments would mark the ending of the long reign of the Maya. The very last

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