The Maze Runner, By James Dashner

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The Maze Runner is a post-apocalyptic dystopian novel written by James Dashner. The novel is written from the perspective of Thomas, who has just awoken in a place called the Glade – surrounded by a group of boys no older than him. Thomas, like the boys before him, has no recollection of who he is, save for his name. The book explores how the group of boys have managed to create their own community, develop their own language, and survive while in an inescapable maze that has peril lurking around every corner. The first two chapters of the book will be dissected and analyzed using three communication theories: Symbolic Interactionism, Coordinated Management of Meaning, and Uncertainty Reduction.
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If a person does not bother to coordinate or make the effort to be coherent in their conversation, is negative and aggressive in the way that they speak, their reality is going to be as equally abysmal. This is supported by the fact that Thomas’ quality of life, within the first two chapters of the book, seems just as poor as his ability to communicate. At first, Thomas is unable to communicate at all and is not willing to make the effort. The boys of the maze, specifically the leader named Alby, compensate between themselves by providing conversation and commentary among each other that they find positive. They joke and they laugh, aspects of conversation which people deem as positive – and it is directly evidenced by the fact that they find their quality of life as positive. They are all alive and well off in the maze and it is starkly contrasted by Thomas and the way that he is creating his situation. Since he is so initially hostile, Alby finds himself growing more frustrated until he finally grabs Thomas and shakes him. He yells at Thomas, finally reciprocating the way that Thomas is speaking to him. It is not what Thomas is saying that angers him, it is the way that he was saying it. Alby was unable to coordinate with Thomas and, though he tried, was unable to make himself coherent. The one person who was able to achieve coordination and coherence with Thomas was the
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