The Meaning Behind Bartleby As A Wall Street Story

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The Meaning Behind Bartleby as a Wall Street Story
The Meaning Behind Bartleby as a Wall Street Story
Is there such a thing as abstract literature? Melville definitely puts some weigh in favor of this argument by writing Bartleby the Scrivener: a Wall Street Story. Bartleby is a short story left literary critics wondering the true meaning of this bizarre story while only having as a clue the author’s point of view about the times the story was written, the 1850s. Melville uses his characters as tools to show his opinion of capitalism in its beginnings. Bartleby and its characters offer a snapshot of could be considered Melville stance about capitalism and all the calamities it brings to people like selfishness, arrogance, and hopelessness.
First, the characters represent the diverse types of workers in a capitalistic economic system. What makes capitalism the best of systems is the fact that businesses are controlled by individuals and not the government. This gives a sense of hope to the poor of believing that hard work warrants total success. The story offers how different people take the prospect of being a business owner. One part of capitalism are workers who play by the rules and know their limits. Taking that into account, Turkey is the epitome of conformism. Turkey’s skills are good enough to do the job and his lack of going the extra step suggests he is okay with it. Another aspect that leaves Turkey as the conformist is that he never forgets his place. Anytime he
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