The Meaning Of Family, Friendship, Means, And Friendship

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This is my first essay in college, and my mind went completely blanked when I was told to write a paper on what means a lot to me or what doesn’t mean anything to me. I feel like it is a given to say family and friends mean a lot to people, though they really do mean a lot to me. I asked some of my friends for suggestions as to what I can write about that means a lot to me, and eventually a good friend of mine, who we’ll call Hena, gave me a brilliant idea. She told me to write about the adventures we went on, and so I did it in a way where the topics, adventures and friendship, coincides with each other, due to the fact I tend to ramble off connecting one topic to another.
I’ve never had any friends who would push me out of my comfort zone. Most of my friends were people who I only associated myself with because we had classes together and ate lunch together. They were the type of people who played it safe, meaning if we did hang out, we would mainly stay within the Millbrae boundaries. Perhaps we’re not really friends, and instead I’m just a nuisance to them. In my last year of highschool, I got closer with an old friend, Hena, whom I met in middle school. I’m glad that we hung out more because I really got to know her, unlike my so called friends. Hena and I started going on adventures around the Bay Area, and it felt like there was finally a sliver of light at the end of the dark tunnel I was in. Adventuring with her made me feel like I was finally living rather than

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