The Meaning Of Freedom To Jourdan Anderson

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What does freedom mean to Jourdan Anderson in 1865? The meaning of freedom to Jourdan means steady pay, education for his children, being clothed, and a comfortable home. Reading the passage it seemed as before moving their family was treated badly. They weren’t paid for their work. He was shot at. His kids because of their color weren’t allowed in schools. Now where they live they are living normal lives not segregated from others. The kids go to school. Above all they live free lives. Use some specific examples from the letter. What was his life like on the plantation as a slave? What is the overall meaning of his letter? His live described in the letter was describes as cruel slave life. Even though he still had respect for his old owner in the letter he let him know what was owed to him. He wants to make sure his family is treated with respect including his wife and children. When he worked at the plantation he wasn’t paid, so he wants the debts sent to him in advance. The letters overall meaning is addressing to his old owner about what he has to offer since what he has right now is pretty fantastic. Making sure that if the old owner wants him works that it will be worth moving back for his entire family. Yes, I think he was serious it was smart of him to think of having the old owner send owed money to show them that he was serious. I think he wrote this letter to show Mr. Anderson its greener on the other side. Or maybe to clear the air and let him know how he

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