The Meaning of Life from Different Writers Essay

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Although we are living on the same planet – we all understand that life is what make our existence happens – each of us has a different idea on how life should be and express these ideas in many different ways. Writers express their ideas through writing about different subjects while send the similar messages to their readers. In her “Water Incorporated: The Commodification of the World’s Water” Maude Barlow expresses her meaning of life through providing the true appearance of those who manipulate of a natural resource for their interest. On the other hand, in Martin Luther King Jr. ‘s “Letter from the Birmingham Jail” a letter to his enemy, the clergy men, he claims to be a modern prophet and says that no one should decide the …show more content…

In short, although the above writers provide different arguments in defining life, we cannot deny the fact that they are searching for the truth of the life chain, a life of equality for everyone.
Despite all the reformations and changes people make to the world, the best and luxury in this world remain its position of surrounding those of the most power. Although Barlow and most people live on this world see water as a natural resource, which “belong to Earth and all species,” there are some powerful people take advantage of this resource and make it their (12). These people manipulate the world’s water supply to create a large profit for themselves; according to Barlow, sues on water companies’ profit can go up to “$250 million” (11) dollars. Through this one can see that those whose hold the most power in their hands are those whose have the authority to make everything right and generate more power for themselves. Nonetheless, problems like these does will not contain within certain areas. King says people who gain power using immoral methods are similar to cancer cells; they continues advance to other areas with “a threat to injustice” (2). In short, in does not matter who the people are and what they are fighting for, they can only win if they able to hold the power in their hands; that those who commit immoral actions will continue expand as they success. Due to the

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