The Media And Its Effect On Society

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The media plays a huge role in molding the public mind. The public has a collective thought process of the world and the media is always there to shape up that perception of the world. The Running Man takes place in a dystopian future where the masses are fully controlled by the Government and people are oblivious to their surroundings like a herd of sheep, steered any way the Network desires. The media is the largest outlet for propaganda and there are no competitors to the Network for they have complete power over everything. No one questions them and no one has an opinion. TV has the highest power over people and they rely heavily on it for news and entertainment. Absolute power corrupts absolutely and with a system having complete …show more content…

The Network utilizes TV for two purposes, first, distracting the public from their surroundings and second, misleading people to believe false information. Another reason why the Network installed Free Vees in the lower classes areas is because people are dying off due to air pollution caused by atomic plants. The Network does not want to do address this problem, in fact, they couldn 't care less about polluting the air and killing the bottom population. What they did is install Free Vees to keep people indoor with less contact with outside air. People now won 't die in a larger amount and they won 't die as fast, so then no one will do anything about it. Also, due to the lack of jobs, the lower class are on the Free Vees all the time, therefore being distracted from acknowledging what is going on and steering them away from questioning the cause of the increasing in repertory disease among them.
The Free Vees are also used to show events occurring inside the country. The people are gullible and would believe everything the Network tells them, there are many times where the Network uses the "Newies" to lie about what has happened and the public would take it as the truth. This is also used in the Running Man games to present the participants as enemies of the both the state and the society, so now people won 't sympathize with them and would help in the catching them. The Network also manipulates the scene of the

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