The Media And Society Influence On Gender Roles

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Critically consider at least one key academic argument from the course so far, evaluating its relevance and impact in terms of the social world in which you live.
The media and societies influence on gender roles
Gender stereotypes are everywhere. ‘Both masculinities and femininities come into existence at specific times and places and are always subject to change.’ (Connell, 1995: 185 cited in Wharton, 2012: 6). The term gender is a ‘doing’ word. It is a constant, active process. A role, is the expected behaviour which is associated with a status. Roles are performed according to social norms, shared rules that guide people’s behaviour in specific situations.’ (The sociology of gender). The media play a huge role, it is argued, in acculturating men and women into separate gender roles based on their sex. Implying the idea that gender is learned and not ‘human nature’ (Jaggar, 1983) (Ross, Karen 2011). Human behaviour is something that on a day to day basis is learned, being through our social interactions and relationships with others. In this essay I aim to identify the influence that the media and society depicts on the concept of gender roles and ideas which surround this topic. I will be exploring parental influences as well as the effects of primary socialisation of Television and toys, on children’s gender. Then to go on, in deeper detain to the way that the media creates and emphasises the gender divisions between male and female.
Parents have an…
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