The Media 's Impact On Health Policies

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With the ability of the media to reach out to a large audience, most individuals will get their information about certain health issues from mainstream media outlets. Health professionals take different approaches to understand a health-related problem that can affect the potential interventions and policies implemented. The approach taken by the media when presenting information on health can have a major impact on how the public understands health. It is, therefore, important to examine how the representation of health in the media can impact health policies. A specific health concern that is dramatically on the rise cross culturally, including Canada is obesity. This paper will analyze three articles on obesity and the approach taken to address the concern. The implications of such methods on public understanding will also be tackled.
Jennifer Sygo, author of “Help kids avoid childhood obesity with a realistic parent driven approach” recognizes obesity as a big concern by addressing the risk of other health issues such as heart disease as a result of obesity. The article identifies four behaviours parents can adopt to keep their kids healthy. To prevent obesity, this article discusses the importance of looking out for habits of their children, “their appetites, and their ability to self-regulate their intake”. The article uses a behavioural model to prevent obesity amongst kids. It lists lifestyles choices parents can make, on an individual level, to manage the…
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