The Media 's Success And Popularity Of American Media

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High profile crimes always seem to play a key role in the success and popularity of American media. The American public, especially the media, love to obsess over certain crime stories they tag as controversial, violent, or involving race/gender issues. The responsibility of heavily influencing the public’s opinion and perception on specific events lies square on the shoulders of our media. You would think this responsibly would include stipulations, however the crime is to be interpreted by our media in whatever light they feel necessary. Free interpretation, some might use the term free speech, leaves room for a phenomenon criminologists call symbolic reality to form within the minds of viewers. Symbolic reality is knowledge gained from other people, institutions, and the media; therefore knowledge is seen in a passive form and taken at face value. Opposite of symbolic reality is experienced reality. Experienced reality is knowledge gained from one’s directly experienced world. Is any event you see, or possibly have ever seen, in the media been experienced through experienced reality? These two definitions become very important when attempting to explain how the social construction process is utilized by our media to reflect an event seen in the eyes of the public as of dire importance to our society and policies.
Trayvon Martin was a typical seventeen year old high school student who lived in Miami Gardens, Florida with his mother Sybrina Fulton. On the night of Feburary
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