Essay on The Media's Negative Influence on Teens

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In a world overwhelmed by television, commercials, billboards, magazine advertisements and the Internet, the power that the media holds and how it influences society has become an accepted part of our daily lives. When we watch television or browse the Internet, we see media reports on how celebrities have altered their faces or the debut of the newest weight loss tactic. Do People Magazine, Cosmopolitan, or U.S Weekly promote anything other than fashion, gossip and celebrities? These rumor magazines are types of media that show readers, many of them being teenagers, the hottest gossip about celebrities. These fashion magazines focus on losing exceptional amounts of weight in weeks to inexpensive plastic surgery. While adolescent girls are …show more content…
These behaviors are not healthy for them and it causes a decrease in self-esteem. What teens see and hear can change who they become or what they plan to do in their lives.

Such emphasis on physical appearance has been placed for so long, it is sure to continue in the future. Beginning in the 1970s, society always finds a way of putting unrealistic expectations into women’s minds. In accordance with Comstock and Scharrer in his book, Media and the American Child, the United States presents the perfect body to be flawless. Beauty is seen as an unblemished face and a very skinny body that is sensuous for females. (95-96). For example, Barbie, the mass produced toy by Mattel, was a huge success for every adolescent girl for many generations. With her stylish outfits and her flawless body, she has been a role model for many young girls. Mattel placed an image in their minds that told them the perfect woman is poised, tall, and glamorous. Barbie is an inanimate object, a young girl’s plaything, but yet we have models who strive to look just as skinny as well. Along with Barbie, many fashion magazines also make every effort to help girls obtain the tiny body that they wish they had. Society tells women how they are supposed to behave and look by using media such as television, magazines, and even children’s toys to get their message across.

Many girls like to watch fashion shows on television and they conclude that they
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