The Medias Portray of African Americans Essay examples

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Now a day African Americans have a growing culture in our community so they play a big roll in society. This cuases them to be on the media more often. That said they are shown both in good and bad ways. Some ways they are shown is undermining to some people and other ways show them in a brighter light. It could go from showing them in gang violence or showing them in a political aspect. Even though they are shown in on media there are social sites they are shown very stereotypical. This social site is call “Vine”. This app for many phone lets people take a short video of something and post many African americans have become very fond of this app and made tons of videos of very stereotypical thing about themselves. Doing this they make it …show more content…

People think bad of them even though they don’t know why they do these things. Some kid just grow up being taught these things and then when they grow this all they know. The brighter side of media about African Americans on the news is they have a very strong place in the political world. That is thanks to Barrack Obama and many others in the Government who show people they can become anything they really want and they don’t have to be at the bottom. Every day they try to help them get on a better path in their lives to be able to support their children in the future so they can have better lives for their children. They just need them to put forth and effort so they can show the community its not as hard as it looks. And with this we can make a new world for us all to live in. Other ways they’re shown in a brighter light in the media is that many African Americans are very funny people and are successful and become very rich and they try to help the less fortunate. By setting up charitys and doing thing the help kids in very bad neighborhoods get out and start a new life for themselves and not have to do the things they do for money.

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