The Medical School Of Medicine Essay

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During my yearly summer break as a child, I would visit my cousins who run a clinic in India. Their lifestyle really inspired me; I was intrigued at the thought of helping people selflessly. Then, during my last few years of high school, my bedridden grandfather moved in with us in Qatar. When I saw how my dad took care of him day in and day out, a spark ignited in me and I realized that I wanted to practice medicine. I’m happy to have found a career that will allow me to accomplish all my aspirations: learning about the human body, helping people and educating them to take better care of their health. Medicine provides a career path filled with choices but during my second medical school rotation, my love of challenges and learning new things led me to choose internal medicine as my specialty. My interest in pursuing internal medicine began with my curiosity for the entire spectrum of medicine. Medical school in India was an interesting experience. The biggest challenge I faced there was learning the local language, Kannada to communicate with patients. With some effort and a persistent attitude, I was able to achieve that in a short span of time. As a medical student, I participated in innumerable activities aimed at expanding my exposure to condition, cures, and patient groups in ways no classroom lecture could match. Universal polio vaccination camp, maternity and child health care checkups, tuberculosis education programs, mass drug administration of DEC to prevent
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