The Medicine Bag Short Story Analysis

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Many people have grandparents. Some passed and some alive, but for most, at least once in their lifetime their grandparents or parents have embarrassed them in public. They might say exceptionally loud that you have a cute girl on your phone or they just have a funny appearance in the society they are in. In Virginia Sneve’s short story, The Medicine Bag, the main protagonist-Martin-has a Sioux Native American Grandpa who comes from a culture that is a lot different than the “modern” world. Martin’s Grandpa wears different clothes, looks different, acts different from the community, and overall just stands out. Given these circumstances, Martin is embarrassed for his Grandpa and himself. As the story continues on the most dynamic character in this short story would still have to be Martin. The reason why Martin is not only the main protagonist, but is also the most dynamic, is because throughout the story he pushed the truth about his culture from his life, was embarrassed by his Grandfather’s presentation, and didn’t know the history of an important symbol of his heritage. Once he finally experiences an important scene with his Grandpa and has the talk about the past, Martin changes into a person that respects his culture, isn’t embarrassed by his Grandpa, and also learns more about the symbol of his heritage that put Martin on a path to manhood.

One of the Aspects that changes about Martin throughout the story to make him the most dynamic character is his respect towards

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