The Medicolegal System

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The medicolegal system across the country has been set up with one goal in mind, knowing how and why a person died, and this has to be done in a way that allows no bias, adheres to standards and provides competency. While the general principle remains the same, the variety of this setup across the states leads to certain shortcomings.
To ensure the above we require resources and funds, which is lacking in certain parts of the country. A competent autopsy cannot be provided if a pathologist is expected to perform it in a room without proper lighting or without a place to store the bodies. The resources already available must also meet certain basic standards that would ensure the quality of the procedure is upto the mark, something that is not …show more content…

An untrained, unskilled individual and, at times does without a basic knowledge about the field, is allowed to sign death certificates and judge the cause and manner of death, purely because he was elected to do so by a population that is unaware of the requirements or the qualifications for that post. As seen in the cases of Coroner Tim Brown in Marlboro County and Dr. Frank Minyard, Coroner of New Orleans, the system fails to provide the very basic, a competent autopsy. As a coroner has political dues to pay, he/she may tend not be fair or …show more content…

Since people don’t come in contact with this field until they personally affect them, and lack the ability to verify its results, the deficiency in public awareness is another flaw the system and is unable to perform to its maximum capacity.
As a future medicolegal death investigator, I see the potential this field holds. Its importance and worth are not broadcasted and at times not realized. Personally, the way to shape the path this field takes would be to inculcate in me a strong sense of ethics, that will hopefully inspire my colleagues and successors to do the same, as this is something that cannot be regulated by anyone.
I also hope to advocate for standardization and certification of the system throughout the country and Dr. Marcello Fierro rightly said, be “pro competency”. Bringing awareness of the system to only the general public but also to future genrations of death investigators and forensic pathologists, is also a cause I aspire to take up in the near

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