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The Messenger Part 2 The stones of home: Aftermath: 1. What is the Annual Sledge game? What does it symbolize to Marv and to Ed? The Annual Sledge game is a barefoot game of football. To Marv and Ed it symbolizes tradition within the group. 2. Why does Sophie seek out Ed in the park? How does she react to the Doorman? Sophie seeks out Ed in the park because she misses him and she is curious. When she meets the Doorman she is confused as to whom it was but she then gives him a friendly pat. The Visit: 1. Why did Keith and Darryl beat up Ed? If their message from their boss is about caring, why are they so violent? Keith and Darryl beat up Ed because they are hit men who got told some strict instructions to do. This is why…show more content…
3. In three sentences, summarize the fun fare scene. Describe your emotional reaction. The fun fare scene was delightful. Everyone was having a great time and the priest was astounded that so many people had turned up. This not only made Ed feel happy, but also made the priest feel happy too. My emotional reaction was happiness because it seemed like a happy time for everyone. Blood and Roses; The Face of Clubs 1. In three sentences summarize the Angie Carusso and Gavin Rose stories. What does Ed give to each person? Angie Carusso and Gavin Rose are brothers who argue constantly. Ed goes over to their place and waits for Gavin to storm out of the house and beats him up. Ed gave them both some hope to fix their brotherly relationship. The Messenger Part 3 Trying Times for Ed Kennedy: 1. What does the Sledge Game have to do with the story? Zusak spends fourteen pages on it. Why? The Sledge Game is a big event that happens in each of their lives. It’s been running for 5 years and its Ed 3rd time playing. Zusak spends 14 pages on this because it’s a big event and lead Ed to his next card and clues. 2. Why does Ed feel guilty at the end of the game? Ed feels guilty at the end of the game because he had knocked someone out and he doesn’t usually like hurting people. Twenty Dollars for the Dog and the Card: 1. Which card does Ed get? What names are on it? The card Ed receives is spades.

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