The Metamorphosis By Gregor Samsa

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“The Metamorphosis” unfolds into a novella where the four main characters develop over the course of the story. Their development is accredited to once single event which happens to the main character, Gregor Samsa. Gregor becoming a gigantic bug not only changes his perspective of life, literally, but also impacts his family dynamic in a negative way which will never be restored. With this result of the family shifting, Gregor feel he is the cause for all the pain among family. Gregor was the bread winner for the family, practically the man of the house, yet his father is still alive and well. When money was tight and stress was on the rise, he took on the role of becoming the main source of income for the family. Even though it meant talking on a job he is not overly thrilled about, he did so out of the kindness of his heart. Generosity is in his character and he loved helping out where he could. This made him feel like he was a valuable member of the family; one who could never be replaced or forgotten. Eventually earning the income became a burden he felt he had to do; he needed to be able to support his family (Charter p.479). However, Gregor remains calm and accepting despite all his hardships. Not once does he complain or question the transformation. Personality wise, Gregor stays true to his core character but he does struggle with how he now identifies himself. Is a bug for good or still human? Gregor wrestles with this question as he learns to adjust and is
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