The Metamorphosis : The Misunderstood Of Students

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In the United States of America, there are about 323.1 million people. 74.6 million of those are students. Students across the country are all basically doing the exact same curriculum, with the same textbooks, and the same styles of teaching. It is 2017, and times have changed. As Gregor Samsa, an outsider in the story “The Metamorphosis”, by Franz Kafka, is misunderstood, students in this country are misunderstood and are given things that are wrong for them. These things include standardized tests, excessive amounts of homework, and a lack of respect and trust. To start off, students are misunderstood as they are forced to take standardized tests. The creator of the standardized tests was quoted saying that they are to hard and …show more content…

But for a lot of high school students, this definitely isn’t the case. If your child is looking to attend a competitive university, then her SAT/ACT score is more important than her GPA” (Patel, Shaan). So how is it fair that twelve years of going through school, matters less than three hours of your life. Some students work very hard to get above 3.5 and way higher grade point averages, and what matters more is just how well you do on one test. This also correlates to how much homework is given and how it is too much for some students. A second example of students being misunderstood is the ample amount of homework given to each student every week and every day. “High school teachers interviewed said they assign an average of 3.5 hours worth of homework a week. For students who study five days a week, that's 42 minutes a day per class, or 3.5 hours a day for a typical student taking five classes” (Stainburn, Samantha). Now, these numbers may vary, but that is a lot of homework. As stated earlier, students have different ways of learning. So only the students whose ways of learning are solitary or logical will it benefit. The only form of homework that should be given out to the five other learners would be studying for things, or not solving tons of problems. Students who learn by physically showing it through real life things, or by group work, or by imaging and

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