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The Middle Ages

Throughout time, history has taken some strange turns. A single ruler establishing some new form of government can transform entire civilizations, or a single event can lead to the creation of a great new people. Whatever the case, history can repeat itself in time. One possible exemption of this could be Britain’s time period of the Middle Ages. Bearing a distinct and unique culture relative to the time period, some of the values and the customs held during this time have yet to be repeated in history. It is perhaps the most unique period of all time for the British Isles.

Brief History Before the period of the middle ages, the British Isles mostly lay dormant in local disputes and settlements of small
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(Sanders, p 36).

Homes In the Middle Ages, housing was inadequate, sometimes even nonexistent for the lower class. “Peasants lived in a world of filth. It is a miracle that they had pulled through to work another day on the noble’s land.” (Vinogradoff, p 25). Peasants who were lucky to have nobles that had buildings on their land often slept with the livestock, and the floor was littered with filth and rubbish. Nobles did little for improving the peasants living conditions, and they often did cruel and inhumane things to them if they refused to work one day due to illness. (Vinogradoff, p 40).

The noble way of lifestyle is not as rich and extravagant as newer royalty families lived. However, they did have many things that the peasant class did not. The floors were often much cleaner than the livestock-filled rooms in which the peasants lived, and they were tiled too, producing a primitive decorating style for each ruler. Tapestries made from great fabric types were hung throughout the stone walls of the castles in which the upper class lived. The kitchen was often the center room, with the fireplace serving for its uses as a cooking place and a heating place. Bedrooms started appearing in nobles castles around 1050AD, which significantly increased the lifespan of an adult noble due to the fact that they received more rest than they had before and the bones in their spine were correctly aligned and would
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