The Middle East: The Birthplace of Three Major World Religions

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Turn on the news. Most likely, one of the top stories will be an update on a conflict occurring in the Middle East. Throughout history, the Middle East has been a land of conflict and violence. Although it is difficult to pinpoint the source of all of this strife, one could argue that because the Middle East, especially Jerusalem, is a place of importance for three major world religions, this region is bound to have strained relationships. However, in order to fully understand this region, it is necessary to have an understanding of the three religions that lay claims to the Middle East. Those religions are Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Although on the surface, these three religions seem quite unrelated, they are actually intricately …show more content…

Judaism became the building block for the two religions to come that would build off of its beliefs and teachings. In today’s world, Jews still revere the beliefs and practices of the ancient Hebrews. Like their ancestors, they also consider Israel, particularly the holy city of Jerusalem, to be sacred (Blackadar 6). When Zionism took off in the later part of the nineteenth century, historic religious ties drew the long-displaced Jews to yearn to return to their spiritual homeland (Blackadar 6). Hundreds of years after Judaism began, the Middle East was once again the birthplace of a religion that would one day be an important part of international politics (Ahmad 565). Christianity, which was founded by Jesus Christ, sprouted from Jewish traditions (565). Like Jews, Christians are also monotheistic, however Christians believe in one God in three persons (565). Christians believe in the majority of the Jews’ beliefs, and the two religions share ancient prophets. While holding up the Ten Commandments, Jesus also expanded upon the moral teachings taught by Judaism (565). “He stressed love for God and compassion for other people (Ahmad 565).” Jesus also taught that all people are equal in God’s eyes. Jesus also preached that those who lived humbly, compassionately, and generously would be rewarded with eternal life. “The Jewish prophets had predicted that a messiah, or one anointed by God, would deliver the Jews from foreign rule and restore the kingdom of Israel (Ahmad

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